Soil Management and Environment Website Launched by Extension

November 16, 2009

By Mahdi Al-Kaisi, Associate Professor, Agronomy Department

Iowa State University Extension soil management and environment information can now be found on a new website  The Soil Management/Einvironment website replaces the Soil Management and Conservation Practices website. It contains information that is useful to producers, agriculture business, and scientists.

Website content is based on past and current extension and research projects on tillage and cropping systems, soil carbon, residue management, and cover crops. ISU Extension publications, newsletter articles, refereed journal articles, and relevant links are listed under each area of interest. Descriptions of the most current projects are also included.

Several management tools are available, including residue and erosion calculators and other decision-making tools. The materials on this website are intended for public use and educational and research purposes with proper credit to the authors and Iowa State University Agronomy Extension. We welcome any feedback on the new format so continued improvements to the dissemination of our extension and research programs to the agricultural community in Iowa and elsewhere can be made.

Mahdi Al-Kaisi is an associate professor in agronomy with research and extension responsibilities in soil management and environmental soil science. He can be reached at or (515) 294-8304.

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Mahdi Al-Kaisi Professor of Soil Management/ Environment

Mahdi Al-Kaisi is a professor of agronomy and extension soil and water specialist at Iowa State University. His current research and extension in soil management and environment focuses on the effects of crop rotation, tillage systems, residue management, and nitrogen input on soil carbon dynamic...