Timing Restrictions for Postemergence Herbicides in Corn

May 24, 2010

by Bob Hartzler, Department of Agronomy

Several factors may delay postemergence herbicide applications. When this happens it is important to be aware of restrictions on the label based on corn size or growth stage. The reasons for these restrictions vary among products, but may involve crop tolerance and prevention of residues in soil or grain. When making application to fields that received frost damage, remember to consider the number of leaves lost to frost.

Another consideration with delayed applications is the size of weeds. The likelihood of the herbicide providing control of weeds larger than specified on the label should be considered.

Several products allow applications to larger corn if a directed application is made. In these situations the sprayer needs to be set up so that nozzles direct the spray between the corn rows to minimize the amount of spray interacted by the crop and to improve coverage of weeds.  

Bob Hartzler is a professor of agronomy with extension, teaching and research responsibilities.

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Bob Hartzler Professor of Agronomy

Dr. Bob Hartzler is a professor of agronomy and an extension weed specialist. He conducts research on weed biology and how it impacts the efficacy of weed management programs in corn and soybean. Dr. Hartzler also teaches undergraduate classes in weed science and weed identificatio...