Sudden Death Syndrome-Resistant Soybean Variety List Available

January 5, 2011

By Adam Sisson, Corn and Soybean Initiative

Planting resistant soybean varieties is an important part of soybean pest management and should be the first consideration when managing sudden death syndrome (SDS). A new publication, Sudden Death Syndrome-Resistant Soybean Varieties for Iowa - PM 3009, has been produced by Iowa State University Extension and the Iowa Soybean Association. The publication, now available to the public, lists over 300 soybean varieties resistant to SDS in maturity groups I, II, and III. The soybean varieties in the publication were submitted by seed companies and fall into the top several categories of SDS-resistant varieties available from the companies.

The publication is available as a downloadable PDF from the ISU Extension Online Store, from the ICM News homepage and the Iowa Soybean Association's Production Research Library

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