Agronomy in the Field


Agronomy in the Field is a multi-session hands-on workshop for women designed to provide opportunities to learn more about forage and crop production practices, conservation practices and water quality impacts to help strengthen decision-making on the farm and to increase the comfort level when talking to landowners, tenants, ag retailers, and farming partners.

Join us for our Winter/Spring ZOOM Sessions in 2023. All sessions are from NOON to 1 PM and will be recorded and available for on-demand viewing later.

Session Topics and Presenters:

  • January 9 | Lean and Mean Crop Production - Angie Rieck-Hinz, Extension Field Agronomist
    The Lean and Mean presentation will set the tone for the 2023 crop production by looking at inputs versus return on investment. This session will help you: 1) identify aspects of total cost of production for potential cost savings; 2) develop strategies to effectively balance input costs and yield potential risk; and 3) examine reactive versus proactive management through scouting to control input costs.
  • February 20 | Interpreting Soil Test Results and Fertilizer Recommendations - Leah Ten Napel, Extension Field Agronomist
    Understanding soil fertility can help growers make the most informed decisions on their farms. This session will help you: 1) interpret results you receive from soil sampling and 2) learn how to apply that knowledge when making decisions on fertilizer inputs.
  • March 6 | Developing Successful Herbicide Plans - Meaghan Anderson, Extension Field Agronomist
    Developing an effective herbicide plan to manage weeds in our row crops is critical to achieving maximum crop yield and minimizing
    weeds-related headaches like resistance and increased production costs. This session will help you: 1) understand the basics of herbicide
    sites of action, 2) develop a sound strategy to manage problem weeds, and 3) identify non-herbicide tactics to aid in long-term weed
  • March 20 | Managing your Forages to Maximize Productivity - Clarabell Probasco and Rebecca Vittetoe, Extension Field Agronomists
    Proper forage management is a critical in maximizing forage productivity. The dry conditions in previous growing seasons have really taken its toll on forages across the state. This session will help you: 1) understand how to evaluate your forage stand 2) examine options for making improvements to increase forage productivey; and 3) discuss alternative forage options.
  • April 3 | Iowa Soil and Understanding CSR2 - Lee Burras, Morrill Professor, Agronomy, ISU
    It all starts with the soil. Better understand our Iowa soils with this session, which will examine three components of Iowa’s soils: (a) formation and natural distribution, (b) roles and properties important to plant growth, and (c) common approaches to “valuing” soils including CSR2. This session will help you: 1) recognize the 6 most important soil regions in Iowa, 2) understand the difference between mollisols and alfisols and 3) gain familiarity with how CSR2 is calculated.

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