New Soybean Disease Identification Resource for 2018

February 5, 2018 1:34 PM
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Iowa State University Extension and Outreach has published an updated version of the Soybean Diseases publication to help farmers and other professionals in the agriculture industry identify and scout for disease threats to soybean production in Iowa. The publication includes scouting tips, disease descriptions, hi-resolution images and general recommendations for management. Also included are illustrated disease cycles for many diseases, a foliar disease estimation chart, and soybean growth and development and staging information.

Soybean disease issues change over time, and information about diseases advances with new research. Soybean Diseases was updated to reflect these changes and to improve the usefulness of the publication. Several diseases not found in the previous version have been added, such as soybean vein necrosis and tobacco ringspot, along with new images and updates throughout.

Front cover of updated Soybean Diseases publication

The Soybean Diseases publication is available to purchase online at the Extension Store. A hard copy of the publication costs $5, but you also have the option to order it in boxed quantities of 50 for a reduced price of $3.50 per publication. Printable downloads are $2.50 each.

Bacterial leaf blight page from Soybean Diseases publication

Brown stem rot page from Soybean Diseases publication

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