NEW Corn and Soybean Field Guide Available Now

October 18, 2023 3:14 PM
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An updated Corn and Soybean Field Guide is now available from Iowa State University Extension and Outreach.

This 236-page pocket-sized guide (3-3/4" x 6") combines corn and soybean integrated pest management information in one publication for ease of use by corn and soybean farmers, agronomists, and crop scouts. It has newly updated text and images and provides tools for identifying insects, diseases, and disorders of corn and soybean in the Midwest. The guide also contains information on developmental stages, pesticide decisions, and other production-related topics.

The guide was first produced in 2016 by combining the separate corn field guide and soybean field guide into a single resource. The first addition has been sold out but now the publication is back in stock in time for winter meetings. It serves as a great tool for crop scouts to use while in the field and covers aspects of agronomy, entomology, plant pathology, and more along with 300+ images, illustrations, and figures. Order in bulk for a reduced price, or single copies from the ISU Extension Store at

Corn and Soybean Field Guide and corn field.

Corn and Soybean Field Guide and corn field.


Adam Sisson Extension Specialist

AdamĀ SissonĀ is an extension specialist with the Iowa State University Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program and a Certified Crop Adviser. Sisson focuses on the development of publications and other educational resources for farmers, agribusi...