2020 Winter Equipment Decision Considerations

December 4, 2020 3:07 PM
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As farming slows down for the winter, many producers start thinking about what tools they might want to add to their farm for the next crop season. Throughout the year, we’ve shared information on equipment and products that you might be considering for your operation. If you are looking to change up your equipment or technology before the 2021 crop year, here’s a comprehensive list of articles, video, and information that might be helpful in making these decisions to best support your operation.


  • High-speed planters

High-speed planters are growing in popularity, and you may be considering adding one to your operation. Linked below are two articles from March of this year explaining a five-year study of how high-speed planters affect crop yield.  While these planters have excellent singulation and spacing abilities, it’s critical to remember that the field capacity (acres/hour) should drive the ROI calculations on this equipment.


High Speed Planting Technology

Yield Considerations for High Speed Planting

Seed delivery system for Precision Planting SpeedTube (left), John Deere ExactEmerge (right). Photos courtesy of Precision Planting and John Deere.
Figure 1. Seed delivery system for Precision Planting SpeedTube (left), John Deere ExactEmerge (right). Photos courtesy of Precision Planting and John Deere.



  • Vertical Tillage Tools
  • Strip-Tillage Tools

Linked below are a collection of short videos and articles showing some of the benefits of using vertical tillage and strip-till equipment, and how to choose the right tool and implement settings for your operation.


VT Tillage

VIDEO: Benefits to Using a Vertical Tillage Tool

VIDEO: Choosing the Right Gang Angle for a Vertical Tillage Tool

VIDEO: Using a Vertical Tillage Tool for Weed Management


The Timing is Right: Flexibility in the Timing of Strip-Till with Nutrient Application

10 Considerations for Adopting Strip-Till

Vertical tillage tool
Figure 2. Adjustable vertical tillage tools can be an effective way to maintain residue and prevent soil erosion while still preparing the soil for planting.


A SpotOn® sprayer calibrator can be a valuable addition to your toolbox to help check the flow rates on sprayer nozzles. Pulse width modulated nozzle systems for sprayers help you better control spray pressure across a wide range of ground speeds and increase job quality with spray applications. Check out the two videos below for more information on each product, options available on the market and how these could work for your operation.


Measuring Nozzle Flow Using a SpotOn® Sprayer Calibrator

Sprayer Tech - Pulse Width Modulated Systems


Aerial Imagery

If you’re thinking about adding a drone to your operation, it can be helpful to know the rules and regulations that come with legally operating it for agricultural use. Review the article linked below for more information, and make sure you have the proper licenses and training before heading out to the field next spring with your new drone.


Legally Operating a Drone in the Agriculture Industry