Deciphering the new 2,4-D and dicamba labels

December 22, 2016 7:56 AM
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The recent approval of the new dicamba products approved for use on Xtend soybean has been received with mix feelings by the agricultural community; many are excited about the new options to help with the growing herbicide resistance problem, whereas others are concerned about the risks associated with off-target movement of these products.  Two dicamba products (Engenia and Xtendimax with VaporGrip Technology) are now approved by EPA, and the Xtend trait has been approved by important trade partners.  Enlist Duo has been approved by EPA, but Enlist soybean are still waiting approval for export. 

EPA has been placed in a difficult position approving these labels due to threats of lawsuits, thus the labels include several new approaches to managing off-target movement.  EPA hopes these restrictions will allow them to defend the registrations in court.  Probably the most significant are requirements for evaluating nozzles or tank mix partners prior to approving their use with the products.  Thus, only nozzles and products specified on the label (or the label's website) can be used with these products.  In addition, all products cleared for use with Xtend and Enlist crops require downwind buffers when spraying adjacent to sensitive vegetation. It is the applicator’s responsibility to determine the presence of any sensitive plants in the vicinity of application and follow all label restrictions to minimize the risk of off-target movement.

It is difficult to interpret some of the restrictions on the labels, hopefully these will be clarified before the 2017 growing season.  Information regarding Enlist Duo, Engenia, and Xtendimax with Vapor Grip Technology products, and some of the application restrictions are provided in the following table.  These labels are likely to change fairly frequently, read the current version of the label or product website prior to purchasing or using any pesticide.   The future availability of these products is dependent upon applicators following all label requirements and using them in a manner that minimizes problems associated with their use.

  Enlist Duo Engenia Xtendimax w/VPT

1.6 lb 2,4-D + 
1.7 lb glyphosate

5 lb dicamba 2.7 lb dicamba
Product rate/A (Post soybean) 3.5-4.75 pt 12.8 oz  22 oz
a.i./A at listed rate 0.95 + 1.0 lb 0.5 lb 0.5 lb
Max product per season 4.75 pt 51.2 oz 88 oz
Soybean stage restriction Up to R2 Up to R1 Up to R1
Corn stage restriction 30" or V8
(Enlist hybrids only)
5 lf or 8"@12.8 oz;
36"@ 6.4 oz
5 lf or 8"@22 oz;
36"@ 11 oz
Wind speed restrictions < 15 MPH >3MPH and <15 MPH (1) >3MPH and <15 MPH (1)
Downwind buffer 30 ft 110 ft 110 ft @ 22 oz;
220 ft @ 44 oz
Max boom ht above canopy None specified 24 inches 24 inches
Rain restriction (2) 24 hrs 4 hrs 24 hrs
Tank-mix partner website Link Link  Link

(1) The Engenia label requires determining there is no temperature inversion when spraying when winds are less than 3 MPH.  The Xtendimax label states not to apply when winds are less than 3 MPH.

(2) The labels state not to apply if rain is expected within the specified timeframe.