Horseweed (marestail) management in no-till

April 19, 2016 9:49 AM
Blog Post

The focus has been on planting corn, but don't forget about the weeds. In addition to getting preemergence herbicides applied to the corn acres, burndown applications on no-till soybean fields should be a top priority. Timely application of burndown herbicides simplifies controlling many winter annual weeds, particularly horseweed (marestail). Once the stems on horseweed belong to elongate the probability of successful control diminishes rapidly.  

Target control of horseweed while it is in the rosette stage.

When selecting burndown treatments, be sure to consider the likelihood of resistant biotypes in the field. Glyphosate (HG 9) and HG 2 (ALS) resistant populations are widespread across the state. Including 1 pt 2,4-D LVE or 1 oz Sharpen to glyphosate will increase the consistency of horseweed control, even in fields without glyphosate resistance. Remember that there is a 7 day planting restriction for soybean following 2,4-D application.