Insect activity update

June 21, 2019 9:25 AM
Blog Post

I was a speaker at the ISU Northern Research Farm field day near Kanawha yesterday. So many questions about thistle caterpillar and soybean gall midge. I also saw some feeding injury to vegetative corn. Here are some pictures:

Stink bug injury in corn.
I saw a few stink bug nymphs. I think this is the result of their feeding last week. Note the yellow halo around the holes. 

Caterpillar injury in corn.
Similar type injury but I think this is from a caterpillar. Often called "shothole" feeding. Note the absence of a yellow halo. 

Common stalk borer exit hole.
Brome grass with an exit hole from common stalk borer. 

Common stalk borer.
Common stalk borer moving to corn. 


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