Field Extension Education Lab VLOG

May 14, 2020 10:27 AM
Blog Post

As we on the Iowa State Extension Crops Team have been adjusting our programming and schedules to ensure we're still able to provide quality resources throughout COVID-19, we'd like to introduce you to one new resource: The Field Extension Education Laboratory (FEEL) Vlog series.

While we'd prefer to see all of you in person throughout the growing season and at trainings, we felt that this vlog series would be the next best thing. Plus, what a cool way to meet the personalities that regularly make appearances at FEEL and at field days throughout Iowa! 

This series will follow Warren Pierson, FEEL coordinator, as he prepares trial plots on the farm, to demonstrate impacts of various cropping systems and conditions. Throughout the season, viewers will be able to follow Pierson as he illustrates various crop management techniques, such as early v. late planting, tillage systems and nutrient management; as well as demonstrating insect, disease and weed injury. 

Be on the lookout for surprise guests, as members of the Extension Crops Team and other specialists will still frequent FEEL this growing season to check on their demonstration plots and evaluate the various crop management strategies. 

Below is the first episode in which Pierson prepares fields for early planting this past April. For more episodes of the vlog, be sure to checkout our special playlist on the Iowa State Integrated Pest Management YouTube page. To get more direct updates about new videos, be sure to subscribe to the channel. 

*Special thanks to our videographer Brandon Kleinke for following us around!