Additional resources made available amid event cancellations

March 24, 2020 10:47 AM
Blog Post

With the recent alterations we've all had to make in our lives in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, many of your offseason field days, meetings and/or conventions have either been canceled or suspended indefinitely. This could have put a damper on your plans to receive crop management updates from industry members, leaving you in disarray about where to go to now for information and resources.

Field Guides
Due to these worldly conditions, the Iowa State University Integrated Pest Management Program (IPM) has decided to extend its once-a-season offer of its Crop Scout Essentials: Pest Management Field Guides bundle, through April 30. This bundle contains all the resources you’ll need for addressing the pest management decisions facing your fields this year and for years to come. This value bundle gives you five field guides for the price of three: Soybean Diseases, Corn Diseases, Field Crop Insects, Corn and Soybean Field Guide and The Weed Management Guide. 

With the new crop season just around the corner, we want you to be prepared for the yield-reducing disease, insect and weed challenges affecting your fields.
Extension field guides are great scouting resources and provide a wealth of information for identifying production issues affecting your operation. Whether you're a grower, certified crop advisor or an industry professional, Extension field guides are tailored to showcase best practices, scouting techniques and provide you with means-tested management options.

Should you be looking for bulk orders of these guides for a cheaper price, the Iowa State Extension Store offers bulk orders of the following guides: Soybean Diseases, Corn Diseases, Corn and Soybean Field Guide and the Weed Identification Field Guide

Certified Crop Advisor Continuing Education Units
As a lot of offseason events have been canceled, it may be difficult to find ways to earn CEUs as a CCA. While not worth as much as a regular crop meeting, the Crop Protection Network (CPN) does offer CEUs for reviewing each of their 22 publications and passing the corresponding follow-up quizzes.  

The Crop Protection Network also offers plenty of free, downloadable publications on diseases, fungicide efficacy tables and research advancements in crop-pest management.