Fungicide efficacy tables for corn, soybean and soybean seedling diseases

April 12, 2019 9:21 AM
Blog Post

The Crop Protection Network (CPN) has published its fungicide efficacy tables for corn and soybean foliar diseases and soybean seedling diseases. These three publications can be found at the CPN website, under resources and publications.

Plant pathologists from across the country, participating in North Central Regional Committee on Soybean Diseases (NCERA-137), and the Corn Disease Working Group (CDWG), assembled these guides for the purpose of reporting the efficacy of various fungicides. Some of the data used for calculating an efficacy rating are compiled from national fungicide trials published through Plant Disease Management Reports (American Phytopathological Society, APS) throughout 2018.

This is the second iteration of fungicide efficacy tables that CPN has produced. These resources are an imperative tool for farmers, agribusiness professionals, certified crop advisors (CCAs) and extension specialists as fungicide efficacy can change over time. Because the ratings are results of multi-year tracking, users of these tables are getting the most useful information possible, as a fungicide efficacy can vary from year to year, and region to region.

*The ratings in each of the three guides measure the effectiveness of an active ingredient, and do not necessarily reflect yield increases or decreases as a result of application. An efficacy rating may depend on the rate of the fungicide applied. Combining active ingredients can protect against a broader spectrum of diseases, as well as reduce the potential for pathogen resistance. The ratings in the tables where calculated to serve only as a guide. It is an applicators legal responsibility to read and follow label directions.