Mycotoxins App Available

October 10, 2018 12:40 PM
Blog Post

With all eyes now on harvested grain quality and scouting for mycotoxins as a result of ear rot, it's important that producers and agronomists have access to all the information possible, on whichever medium they prefer to use.

An application is available on both Android and iOS that can serve as a guide for navigating the sometimes confusing world of grain quality. Mycotoxins is available for free on app stores, and presents important information about different corn ear rot pathogens that cause significant yield losses. In addition, the app provides instructions and tips that can prove valuable knowledge for farmers and corn growers, for a proper management of corn infected with mycotoxins.

This presents information about symptomology and mycotoxins produced by predominant corn ear rot pathogens, toxic effects of mycotoxins on humans and livestock and safety levels for different uses of infected grain.

The app also provides tips on storing moldy grain, ear rot management before and during harvest and scouting and testing for mycotoxins.