Now Available: Crop Scout Essentials Pest Management Field Guides Bundle

January 3, 2020 8:47 AM
Blog Post

The new crop season is just around the corner, and we want you to be prepared for the yield-reducing disease, insect and weed challenges affecting your fields. That's why the Iowa State Extension Store is making available, for a limited time, the Crop Scout Essentials: Pest Management Field Guides bundle. 
Extension field guides are great scouting resources and provide a wealth of information for identifying production issues affecting your operation. Whether you're a grower, certified crop advisor or an industry professional, Extension field guides are tailored to showcase best practices, scouting techniques and provide you with means-tested management options. And now in a $30 bundle, all five guides can be delivered in time to make your next crop and pest management decision. 

An image depicting the guide bundle set

No set of field guides is complete without these core publications:

  • Soybean Diseases is a 40-page, full color compendium with scouting tips, disease descriptions, hi-resolution images and general recommendations for disease management. Also included are illustrated disease cycles, a foliar disease estimation chart, soybean growth and development and staging information.
  • Corn Diseases helps farmers and agriculture professionals identify and scout for corn diseases and provides general recommendations for management. Also included in this 48-page resource are illustrated disease cycles for primary diseases, a foliar disease estimation chart, and corn growth and development and staging information.
  • The Corn and Soybean Field Guide includes updated text and 375 images, illustrations, diagrams and tables to assist farmers with identifying corn and soybean diseases, insects and disorders found throughout the Midwest. This 158-page guide focuses on development stages, pesticide decisions and production-related topics, and for the first time, has information on newer soybean viruses to help you when scouting fields this summer.
  • The pocket-sized Weed Identification Field Guide 2nd Edition, contains 35 illustrations and more than 250 high-quality photographs of weeds found in Iowa. Palmer amaranth information was added to this 108-page field guide, and information on herbicide resistance and management was updated from the first edition. 
  • Field Crop Insects contains descriptions and color images of more than 55 pest and beneficial insects, as well as information on insect life cycle, damage, scouting and management options. There is also information on basic entomology and integrated pest management tactics.

This promotion is only available for a short time, through March 1, so be sure to get your orders in.

Looking to have bulk quantities for winter meetings and seminars? The Extension Store has you covered with these bulk purchasing options:

  • Soybean Diseases is available as single copies for $5 each, but can be ordered in boxed quantities of 50 for a reduced price of $3.50 per publication. 
  • Corn Diseases also retails for $5 per copy with a reduced price of $3.50 each for ordering in boxes of 50. 
  • The Corn and Soybean Field Guide is normally $15 for a single copy. However, if you purchase a bundle of 25, you only pay $10 per copy. 
  • The Weed Identification Field Guide 2nd Edition, normally $10 per hard copy, is less than $8 per guide if you purchase a box of 44 copies. 

Already have your foundational guides? For additional resources and a curated list of IPM-related guides and publications, click here.