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June 15, 2017 2:07 PM
Blog Post

The Field Extension Education Lab has five clinics/workshops this summer in July and August. Below is a list of programming updates that correlate with current farmer concerns and this year’s crop issues:

  • New to the lineup this year is the Field Diagnostic Clinic, which will be held the day before the Crop Management Clinic.
  • The Crop Management Clinic will only be one day instead of two.
  • Managing Palmer amaranth is a new workshop in August. Presenters include: Bob Hartzler, Meaghan Anderson, and Joe Kooiker.
  • For the Aug. 17 clinic, the SCN and insect programs have been combined and will include information about soybean aphid resistance management.

Upcoming Field Lab Events and Registration Information:

July 12 - Field Diagnostic Clinic  (registration deadline is midnight, July 5)
July 13 - Crop Management Clinic (registration deadline is midnight July, 6)

August 3 - Managing Palmer Amaranth in Conservation Plantings (registration deadline is midnight Aug. 3)
August 16 - Crop Disease Clinic (registration deadline is midnight, Aug. 9)
August 17 - SCN and Soybean Aphid Resistance Management Workshop (registration deadline is  midnight, Aug. 9)

Continue checking the Field Lab’s webpage or the IPM website for event updates and information. Follow the Field Lab on Twitter @ISUFieldLab.