Regional update: Planting progress across Iowa

April 18, 2016 4:09 PM
Blog Post

Statewide Summary
Overall, planting was variable in many parts of the state from Wednesday, April 13, to Sunday, April 17. After five days of great weather and good seedbed conditions, some farmers were able to get most of their corn planted, some were able to begin, and others are still doing fieldwork. There are a lot of cover crops that still need to be terminated throughout the state. Dry conditions have been prevalent in most regions. While a few farmers have already started planting soybeans, others are holding out for the possible mid-May freeze in the forecast. Insurance coverage for soybean begins on April 21.

Iowa State University Extension and Outreach specialists provide recommendations and best practices for fieldwork and planting here.

ISU Extension and Outreach field agronomists report planting progress and field conditions from April 13-17:

Corn planting progress in the northwest corner of the state is estimated at 20-25% complete. It was reported that corn planting is 10-35% complete in the Everly, Milford, Dickens, and Peterson areas of northeast Iowa.

The area has experience good conditions for planting, but most of the region has experienced dry conditions. Rain is expected today and Wednesday.

North Central
About 50% of the southern Hamilton and Webster area has corn planted, while other areas of the region—Iowa Falls and southern Hardin County—has about 15% of corn planted.

Soil temperatures warmed up on Wednesday, April 13, and seedbed conditions were ideal for farmers to be in the field. Starting Wednesday and going through the weekend, planters were spotted in the field in parts of the region; specifically, Dallas, Warren, and Boone counties.

The far northeast corner experienced wet conditions until April 4. Currently, farmers in the area are doing mostly fieldwork.

However, farmers to the west of the northeast corner—Chickasaw, Bremer, and Butler counties—were able to get into the field towards the end of the week.

East Central and Southeast
Planting is reportedly further along in the south with 50-75% complete in the southeast region. Counties along the southeastern border are speculated to be about 20-25% complete with corn planting.

West Central and Southwest
Farmers were in the fields in west central Iowa towards the end of the week—some farther along than others. In the southwest region, about 20-25% of corn and 5-8% of soybeans have been planted. Others continue fertilizer and spray applications, with more anhydrous than normal.

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