Soil Health Conference poster presentation winners

February 15, 2016 6:27 PM
Blog Post

On Feb. 2-3, the Inaugural Soil Health Conference brought 235 people together to discuss and bring awareness to soil health issues.

In addition to influential presentations by invited speakers, the conference had 20 poster submissions from researchers, scientists, and students that shared their research across all disciplines related to soil health. Posters were displayed for attendees to view throughout the conference.  

A poster reception took place the first night of the conference, and first, second, and third place winners were selected by judges.

Poster Presentation Top Awards

First Place
Title: Gross Ammonification in Corn is Influenced by Soil Organic Carbon and Nitrogen Management Strategy
William Osterholz, Michael Castellano, Matt Liebman

Second Place
Title: Tillage and Crop Rotation Effects on an Ultra-Labile Soil Carbon Pool
VE Scott, M.M. Al-Kaisi, M. A. Tabatabai

Third Place
Title: The Impact of Litter Quality in Soil Organic Carbon Stabilization
S.C. Cordova., M. Castellano, D.C. Olk

Click here for a complete list of poster presentations at the conference.