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July 15, 2019 12:38 PM
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As the pesticide application season progresses remember to check the FieldWatch® online registry before making pesticide applications. To be in compliance with the Iowa Bee Rule commercial applicators will need to check the registry for any registered bee hives within a one-mile radius of the intended field to be sprayed when using a pesticide labeled as toxic to bees. Owners of apiaries need to register the location of their hives by the first day of the month.


Below is the wording of the “Pesticide/Bee Rule” of the Iowa Administrative Code Chapter 21-45.31(206).


“45.31(1) Owners of apiaries, in order to protect their bees from pesticide applications, shall register the location of their apiaries with the state apiarist.  Registration shall be on forms provided by the department.  The registration expires December 31 each year and may be renewed the following year.
45.31(2) Between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m., a commercial applicator shall not apply to blooming crops pesticides labeled as toxic to bees when the commercial applicator is located within one mile of a registered apiary.; A commercial applicator shall be responsible for maintaining the one-mile distance from apiaries that are registered and listed on the sensitive crop registry on the first day of each month.

This rule is intended to implement Iowa Code sections 206.6(5)”a”(3) and 206.19(2).”


This amendment effectively ends notification by applicators to beekeepers within the area, but limits and restricts the timing of applications within a one-mile radius of the hives.     


Refer to this March 27, 2019, ICM News article for additional information on registering and accessing FieldWatch® registries.


Kristine Schaefer PSEP Program Manager I

Kristine is the program manager for the Pesticide Safety Education Program (PSEP) at Iowa State University Extension and Outreach.