VIDEO: Planter Metrics for Crop Scouting

May 17, 2021 3:26 PM
Blog Post

As planting wraps up and crops begin to emerge across the state, data collected during planting can help you diagnose many issues in your field and determine if they were related to machine performance or agronomic factors. In this video, Program Specialist Levi Powell shows how to use spatially mapped metrics in your planter display system to glean valuable information from the data after planting and identify issues in the field—as well as what might have caused them. For more information on gathering and adjusting planter metrics in the field, check out our previous video.

Many planter technology brands have similar iPad apps or monitor setups to the John Deere system shown here. Metrics and information on singulation, seed spacing, population, ride quality, etc. can help you diagnose emergence issues or varying crop vigor spotted in the field while scouting. Using these layers of data from the planter can help pinpoint if the issue is related to machine performance or other agronomic factors.

This technology may not solve every potential problem during planting, but it can help identify them and allow you to make insightful management decisions. While the seeds are already in the ground for 2021, diagnosing machine performance issues now provides the opportunity to correct them before the 2022 season.