It is not too early to think about next season conservation plans

September 13, 2016 3:50 PM
Blog Post

The early signs of corn and soybean in particular ready for harvest are around the corner, and it is time to think about your next season conservation plans.

Soybean residue is highly degradable and has very limited life time before it gets decomposed and disappears, leaving minimum protection to soil from unexpected rain events. The degradable nature of soybean residue is linked to the low C:N ratio (30:1) compared to corn (75:1). That means soybean fields have very minimum protection and any soil disturbance can do significant damage to soil and water quality through soil erosion.

Generally, conventional tillage whether in corn or soybean ground can be damaging to soil. Research shows limited advantage to tilling corn ground for next season soybean. For more information check: No-Till is Better Choice for Soybean after Corn


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Photo: Soybean in no-till by Mahdi Al-Kaisi.