FACTS update: August 11, 2016

August 15, 2016 9:38 AM
Blog Post

A new FACTS (Forecast and Assessment of Cropping sysTemS) forecast occurred on August 11, 2016. The forecast can be found here.

The weather this growing season continues to be the big story and can be characterized by two periods of extremes. From June 5 to June 25 rainfall was below normal for most of the state while solar radiation, temperature, and growing degree units were above normal. From June 25 to August 10 rainfall has been above normal while solar radiation and growing degree units were slightly below normal and temperature was much (~20%) below normal.

Most of the FACTS cropping systems at the six locations are expected to reach physiological maturity during the first week of September. The exception to this would be the systems that were planted after May 20 which will mature approximately 10 days later.

FACTS yield estimates are for corn yields above 200 bu/ac and soybean yields above 55 bu/ac. Higher yields are expected in the northern Iowa locations. Forecast uncertainty will continue to narrow with the next forecast.

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Mark Licht Associate Professor

Dr. Mark Licht is an associate professor and extension cropping systems specialist with Iowa State University Extension and Outreach. His extension, research and teaching program is focused on how to holistically manage Iowa cropping systems to achieve productivity, profitability and en...

Sotirios Archontoulis Professor of Integrated Cropping Systems

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