Crop update for southern and east central Iowa

September 13, 2016 1:00 PM
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Iowa State University Extension and Outreach field agronomists report crop conditions in south central, southeast, and east central Iowa:

Rebecca Vittetoe: Harvest is in the air! Crops have really moved right along this past week (Sept. 5-Sept. 12) in south central and southeast Iowa. Corn is in the R5-R6 maturity and beans range between R6-R8. 

Most of the harvest has been in the form of corn silage, but I expect to see combines starting to roll this week, especially as we dry out from some of our recent rains. 


Meaghan Anderson: Crops in east central Iowa are maturing quickly with soybeans anywhere from R6 to R8 and ready for harvest. Most corn is very close to physiological maturity (R6), if it’s not there yet. 

Prior to harvest, farmers should check their fields for stalk rots and standability issues and for ear rots. Farmers should also continue scouting for Palmer amaranth in crop and non-crop areas prior to harvest. Identification prior to equipment movement in fields is important to reduce the spread of this weed.


Virgil Schmitt: My area in southeast Iowa received 1–6+ inches of rain during the last two weeks, with the lowest amounts in Jackson and Lee counties and heaviest along the Clinton County, Scott County line.

Soybeans are R6-R8 and corn is R6, or within a week of R6. In general, crops look but there is concern about kernel weight in corn.


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Rebecca Vittetoe Field Agronomist in EC Iowa

Rebecca Vittetoe is an extension field agronomist in east central Iowa. Educational programs are available for farmers, agribusiness, pesticide applicators, and certified crop advisors.

Areas of expertise include agronomy, field crop production and management of corn, soybeans, and...

Virgil Schmitt Field Agronomist in SE Iowa

Virgil Schmitt has been in his current position since 1992, although counties he's covered have changed over time.

He's worked as an extension 4-H and youth leader in Butler and Grundy Counties and as an extension agriculturist in Linn County, Iowa. He taught high school agricultural ed...

Meaghan Anderson Field Agronomist in Central Iowa

Meaghan Anderson is a field agronomist in central Iowa and an extension field specialist at Iowa State University Extension and Outreach. Educational programming is available for farmers, agribusinesses, pesticide applicators, certified crop advisors, and other individuals interested in...