Corn crop is finishing up

September 11, 2015 3:03 PM
Blog Post

Crop development progress is looking good in northwest Iowa. We are seeing corn that is in the 1/2 milk line stage as well as a few fields that have reached black layer maturity.  The following shows what that means in terms of grain moisture and dry matter accumulation.


stage                           kernel                     dry matter                   days until

                                   moisture, %           accumulation, %       next stage.

R5 - early dent            60                           45                                               3

R5.25 - ¼ milk           52                           65                                               6

R5.5 - ½ milk             40                           90                                               10

R5.75 - ¾ milk           37                           97                                               7- 14

R6 - mature                35                           100                                 -


This info is from ISU publication PMR 1009.

Therefore, since much of the corn is approaching maturity, we are not to worried about early frost (none is predicted anyway). There are some cool temps predicted for tonight, but we are supposed to see a warming trend next week. The warming trend should help the corn to mature normally and help the grain begin the field drying process. 

Field drying of the corn crop should progress fairly well, since the corn is reaching maturity in mid-September. We should be able to take advantage of the warm days we typically receive in late September and early October.