Corn planting begins with warm April weather

April 19, 2016 2:42 PM
Blog Post

The recent rainfall broke a string of dry days for us. Spencer received about 0.7 inches of rain. Storm lake, Spirit Lake and other areas in the highway 71 corridor received a similar 0.4 to 0.7 inches. However, areas east of Highway 4 did not receive much rain and are returning to the field today.

I did a quick text message survey of some ag professionals in my area, and they reported that corn planting progress was 10 to 35% complete in areas of Clay and Dickinson counties. 

I am a little surprised as to the amount of corn that was planted. Last year, farmers were mostly cautious on corn planting–waiting until late April/early May to plant corn. However, this year has a different feel to it–with some recent warm weather and more warm weather predicted. Hopefully the predicted warm weather will occur as forecasted.

I've had the question a few times–"is it windier than usual this spring?" The windy conditions have made it real difficult for herbicide and fertilizer applications. A check of the Mesonet confirmed that–with the exception of 1999 and 2001–this has been a windy spring in Spencer.