Crop progress in eastern Northwest Iowa.

July 19, 2015 2:07 PM
Blog Post

soybean aphid in hancock county

I am seeing some really good crop development progress in my area.   Most of the corn is tasseled out.  I am thinking that July 20 will be an average date of pollination date for my area.  It will actually be a little earlier than that in the southeast part of my area and a little behind that in the northwest part of my area.

I have not seen any soybeans in the R3 stage of development (3/16 pod at one of the top four nodes).  However, the soybean crop looks really great in a large part of my area.

I am also seeing soybean aphid a little more common in ‘normal’ fields.  Normal fields – in this case – are fields that a long distance from river bottom areas/wooded areas.    Soybean aphids are still at a very low level – even those fields.