Plan to attend Nitrogen and Water Week June 27 to 29

June 20, 2017 10:42 AM
Blog Post

Consider attending one of the Nitrogen and Water Week field days next week – June 27 to 29.

Our focus of these meetings is to have attendees ‘kick the tires’ on the tile drainage studies conducted by Iowa State University. 

Nitrate in tile drainage water is on the mind of many farmers.  We often hear comments from farmers like – ‘they are going to make you stop using a specific nitrogen practice and make you apply your nitrogen this way’.   The practice of concern might be stop fall nitrogen application, apply all your nitrogen in June or another practice.

Knowledge is power and our plan with the Nitrogen and Water Week program is to help farmers and agri-business gain a better understanding of how nitrogen practices are studied. This field day will also farmers and agri-business manage N for profit and to reduce nitrate in tile drainage water.

The cost is $25 and includes break, handouts and lunch. 

Location                                             date               

Southwest - Armstrong                    June 27

Central – Boone                                June 27

Northeast – Nashua                          June 28

Northwest - Sutherland                    June 29                                                         

Southeast - Crawfordsville               June 29