Varied corn development in northwest Iowa

July 28, 2016 9:59 AM
Blog Post

A recent visit to a field with three different planting dates showed the varied crop progress in my area.

The Useful to Usable website uses local information to predict crop development and crop maturity. The following are the predicted dates of corn development with a 100-day hybrid planted near Spencer.

Plant date                   silking  date                          predicted black layer date

April 17                      July 8                                      September 8

May 7                         July 19                                    September 16

May 17                       July 24                                    September 23


Plant date                   GDDs to date/normal                     current growth stage

April 17                      1740/1601                                       milk/R3

May 7                         1598/1458                                       blister/R2

May 17                       1515/1354                                       blister/R2

This information shows the impact that the warm June weather has had on crop development. It appears that the replanted corn on May 17 will likely mature before September 23. 

The pictures show the crop development–the two ears of corn on the far left side are the April 17 planted corn. The other two sets of ears are from the May 7 and May 17 planting date. 


left to right - May 17, May 7 and April 17 plant dates,