Wet, snowy April one for the record books.

April 19, 2018 1:30 PM
Blog Post

Most people say that this spring is one for the history books.  No one seems to remember a colder or snowier start to the spring.

The following are some figures for the northwest crop reporting district for some other cool/wet springs.  The northwest crop reporting district is Pocahontas county and the  counties north and west of it.   These figures are from April 1 to April 17.                


Year             Growing degree days    rainfall, inches          days suitable for field work

1993                12                                1.1                               -

2011                80                                1.8                               1.7

2013                28                                3.5                               0.5

2018                9                                  1.8                               0.1

Normal            79                                1.3                               -


This info confirms the obvious – we have a very slow start for the spring of 2018.

It also shows that this spring is just as cool as 1993 – but not as wet as 2013. 


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