Here's why you should come to the 2019 Crop Management Clinic

June 6, 2019 9:57 AM
Blog Post

This #Plant19 season has been a tough and complicated one, filled with difficult deadlines, unconventional practices and budget constraints. And while it might be seem easier to just give up, it's seasons like these that teach us important lessons about farming, and give us the opportunity to develop new crop management strategies and solutions.

The Crop Management Clinic at Iowa State University is taking advantage of this season's unique challenges and hurdles to illustrate how you can go about being a more skilled crop advisor and/or manager. This year's clinic will span over two days in order to complete all 19 learning sessions, led by 15 Iowa State University Extension and Outreach specialists. The event will be hosted at our Field Extension and Education Lab, from July 10-July 11, running from roughly 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., both days. This leaves time for you to ask specialists questions about your fields, and what you can do about them this year. Lunch will be provided on both days, too.

While the previous one-day Clinic format offered a wealth of information to crop managers every year, this year, understanding how to manage crops in a delayed planting situation, as well as managing pests, soil and nutrients in wet weather, will be critical. Crop managers with a basic understanding and skillset in crop scouting and nutrient management, who want a more in-depth working knowledge of these practices, will benefit greatly.

In addition to the new, two-day format, we've also added new facilitators and topics: Marshall McDaniel, agronomy assistant professor, speaking on soil health testing and recommendations; Adam Janke, extension wildlife specialist, covering how to assess opportunity areas for wildlife habitat and conservation on the farm; Meaghan Anderson, extension field agronomist, speaking on integrated pest management and identifying pests; Rasel Parvej and Ashlyn Kessler, agronomy researchers, presenting research on cropping systems; and Prashant Jha, extension weed management specialist, discussing weed issues.

This growing season will continue to be challenging, but we can rise to the occasion. Visit the event's registration page to get a full rundown of our session and specialists, as well as to pre-register.