A Cool and Thankfully Dry Week

June 23, 2008
ICM News

By Rich Pope, Department of Plant Pathology

Some good news this week, with much-needed access to fields gained across Iowa. Also on the positive side, hay harvest progressed rapidly and hay yields were reportedly good.

Although the week was a bit cooler than average, the dry weather was a welcome relief.

Degree day accumulations by Crop Reporting District

The big three agronomic questions facing Iowa remain weed control issues, nitrogen fertilization concerns related to the flooding and saturated soils, and replant decisions. In some cases, agronomically sound decisions have been tempered by pressure for corn production arising from contract agreements. Early frost concerns increase more each day with mid-to late-June planted or replanted corn.

Rich Pope is an extension specialist with responsibilities in the Corn and Soybean Initiative.

Field photo by Tim Chwirka

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