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Recommendations for Managing Soybean White Mold in 2010

December 30, 2009
Tillage effects on soybean white mold occurrence from survey data collected in 1,500 fields in the North Central Region

By X.B. Yang, Department of Plant Pathology

The 2009 growing season had record cool weather in July that was ideal for soybean white mold occurrence. The disease was widespread in the north central region of the U.S. and agronomists even in southern Iowa observed this disease in many soybean fields.  In northern Iowa, patches of soybean killed by this disease were obvious in many soybean fields along the highways.  Some farmers reported losses totaling more than $10,000 from this disease.

Extension Offers CCA Exam Prep Class

December 23, 2009

Those planning to take the Certified Crop Adviser exam can attend a review session offered by ISU Extension to prepare for the exam.

Crop and Weather Report Dec. 21

December 22, 2009

Specialists discuss the recently released corn yield report - 2009 Iowa Crop Performance Test --- Corn.

A Tough Harvest - Frequently Asked Questions, Update

November 20, 2009

Questions related to conditioning grain for storage - the seriousness of field molds, feeding corn to livestock, storing wet corn, storing medium moisture and dry grains - are answered by Hurburgh, Iowa Grain Quality Initiative, Professor-in-Charge.

Degree Days - What a Year It Was

November 17, 2009
Graph of degree day departure from average, 2009

By Rich Pope, Department of Plant Pathology


Heat or maybe lack of heat is a better description to use in this recap of the growing season. The degree day departure from average graphic shows how the season progressed by crop reporting district.

degree day graph

Crop and Weather Report Nov. 9

November 10, 2009

Great harvest progress was made during the past week due to the drier weather that is predicted to continue for several weeks.