Degree Days - Slow but Steady Progress in Planting

May 14, 2009
ICM News

by Rich Pope, Corn and Soybean Initiative

Iowa recorded temperatures close to season normals the week of May 4. Seasonal accumulated degree days are hovering near average in all crop reporting districts.

accumulated degree days as of May 10, 2009

Scattered rainfall limited field work in some areas, but statewide another one-fifth of corn acres were planted, raising the planted acreage in Iowa to around 80 percent. Between one-fourth and one-third of the corn can now be rowed. Soybean planting has picked up, and about 20 percent is now planted.

There are some concerns about stand establishment in corn fields. Areas with rotting mesocotyls were reported, especially in the southern third of Iowa. Also, a few reports of crusts interfering with emergence were maded; light rains have alleviated the problem in some cases.

Early in the season, crop planting and emergence in Iowa are leading the Corn Belt. Reports of planting delays are particularly common in Illinois, Indiana and Ohio.


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