Crop and Weather Report Week of Oct. 26

October 29, 2009
ICM News

The October 26 crop and weather report guests are Charles Hurburgh, Iowa State University professor of ag and biosystems engineering and professor in charge of the Grain Quality Initiative, ISU Extension climatologist Elwynn Taylor, integrated pest management specialist Rich Pope, and corn agronomist Roger Elmore.

High moisture corn and soybean continues to be a problem as the 2009 harvest is delayed by rain and muddy fields. Taylor says well drained soils need a week to handle a reasonable amount of traffic, but even then producers should minimize activities that compress the soil. Pope talks about grain dryers working overtime and concerns about wrapping up the season. Elmore says corn harvest is at least two weeks behind, probably further than that when new reports come out this week. All this rain will help the soil recharge moisture, but it is making it impossible to complete get crop out and create additional problems with soil compaction. Hurburgh talks about ways to handle beans and corn in the wet situation we have. He says producers need to have patience; they won't be able to take crops out at usual speed, and must move more slowly with harvest.

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