Oct. 19 Weekly Crop and Weather Report

October 20, 2009
ICM News

By Doug Cooper, Extension Communications

Monday guests for the weekly crop and weather report include Charles Hurburgh, Iowa State University professor of ag and biosystems engineering and professor in charge of the Grain Quality Initiative; Palle Pedersen, extension soybean agronomist; Rich Pope, integrated pest management specialist; and Elwynn Taylor, ISU Extension climatologist.

Hurburgh's concern is high moisture soybean and the problems they are creating for grain industry. He says producers need to get moisture out of beans, as drying and shrink charges are going up at local elevators.

Palle Pedersen reports that harvest has been awful. Beans are wet; producers just need to get some air on them — storage is the real problem. Only positive thing in the fields right now is that most of the corn is still standing well.

Pope says the weather the first half of October has not been conducive to improving field conditions. This has a replay of 1992 — good yields, wet grain.

Taylor predicts that after enjoying Monday's beautiful temperatures brought on by a little low pressure last week in the Gulf of Alaska, we are in for a brief wet period the middle of this week and normal or dry weather next week.

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