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Is In-Season Fertilization for Soybean Effective

June 29, 2010
Effects of foliar fertilization and fungicide application on grain yield of soybean

Questions often arise in June about 'emergency or catch-up' fertilization for soybean. Producers wonder if fertilizer rates were inadequate or if late planting dates, replanting and cold or excessively wet conditions have altered the crop nutrient uptake and fertilization need.

Forage and Cover Crop Considerations for Delayed Planting and Flooded Sites

June 29, 2010
Table showing forage planting date, harvest date, yield and quality of annual forages

Stephen K. Barnhart, Department of Agronomy

Extended periods of rainfall, flooding, hail, or all of the above have producers scrambling for replant or prevented planting options. Each choice has practical and economic implications, so should be approached with some thought. 

One consideration is the implication for crop insurance. Before changing crops or planting an 'emergency' forage crop, check with your crop insurance representative.

Refuge in a Bag is Here: Explaining the Simplified Refuge

June 25, 2010

Pioneer is the first company to offer 'in the bag' refuge for Bt corn. While a potentially convenient benefit, some growers may find that this complicates refuge planting. NOTE: correction was made to ECB refuge distance for OAM1 after this article was published on 06/23.

Scout for Early Summer Diseases

June 17, 2010
Bird's nest mushrooms

By XB Yang, Linus Li, and SS. Navi, Department of Plant Pathology

Recent growing seasons have not been typical ones, and this season seems to follow this pattern. Each unusual season has unique disease problems. This year, early planted soybeans are in flowering stage and we are starting to see a different set of issues. There are three things to look for when scouting these fields.

How Much Yield Have You Lost?

June 16, 2010
Table showing yield lost predicted by WeedSOFT

A web-based model helps estimate potential soybean yield loss due to weed competition. All that is required is crop stage, estimated weed-free yield potential, weed density and weed size.