New Commercial Pesticide Applicator Manuals Available Soon

August 28, 2010
ICM News

By Betsy Buffington, Department of Entomology

The Pest Management and the Environment Program (PME) at Iowa State University has revised several training manuals for commercial pesticide applicators and certified handlers. The full-color training manuals are intended to provide Iowans with the basic understanding of safe and responsible pesticide use and the information needed to successfully pass the certification exams. 

The updated Iowa Core Manual, IC 445, contains the core or basic information on state and federal laws and regulations; pest management; label comprehension; pesticides; safety; the environment; and equipment and application techniques.

The Certified Handler Manual, IC 500, is a new publication. Previously, Iowans who mix, load and/or repackage pesticides would read certain chapters of the Iowa Core Manual to prepare for the certified handlers exam. The stand-alone manual should make it easier for Iowans to prepare for the certified handler examination.

Industry and Iowa State experts worked together to revise the Seed Treatment commercial pesticide applicator manual, CS 16. This manual provides updated information on how to select, apply, handle and dispose of seed treatments in a safe and effective manner.


Available from Extension Online Store

The Seed Treatment Manual is available now. The Iowa Core Manual

and the Certified Handler Manual will be available beginning Sept. 3 at the ISU Extension Online Store at or by contacting the ISU Extension Publications Distribution Center, 119 Printing and Publications Building, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa 50011-3171; telephone (515) 294-5247; fax (515) 294-2945; or e-mail

Certification exams administered by the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship (IDALS) will cover information from the new Iowa Core Manual and Certified Handler Manual starting Sept. 7.  Seed Treatment certification exams, administered by IDALS, currently include information from the new Seed Treatment Manual.



Betsy Buffington is a program specialist in the Department of Entomology serving on the Pesticide Management and the Environment team. She can be reached at 515-294-7293 or

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Elizabeth Buffington Extension Program Specialist III

Betsy Buffington is an extension program specialist for Iowa State University Extension and Outreach. She is part of the Pesticide Safety Education Program (PSEP), conducts pesticide applicator training focusing on seed treatment and fumigation, and develops resource materials for ...