Updated Soybean Aphid Field Guide Available

July 12, 2011
ICM News

By Erin Hodgson, Department of Entomology

Iowa State University (ISU) Extension and the Iowa Soybean Association (ISA) have released a collaborative second edition of the Soybean Aphid Field Guide. The guide's authors are Erin Hodgson, ISU Extension entomologist, and Matt O'Neal, ISU research entomologist. 

Every year more is learned about the biology of soybean aphids and new ways to prevent this pest from causing yield loss. These insights have been made possible through funding from the soybean checkoff program. These discoveries and tools are incorporated into the revised edition of the guide in an effort to return this checkoff-funded research back to soybean farmers.

The second edition of the Soybean Aphid Field Guide is expanded in every section. Research from around the region is incorporated and a more comprehensive management program has been developed. Growers are encouraged to use multiple tools to protect soybean yield against the soybean aphid.

One of the biggest additions to the toolbox of aphid management strategies is aphid-resistant soybeans. The guide includes a review of the research that led to aphid resistance becoming a common component of soybean genetics for many current and future commercial soybean varieties.

Funding for printing and distribution of the guide was provided by the Iowa soybean checkoff and ISU Extension. Printed copies of the Soybean Aphid Field Guide can be ordered from the ISU Extension Online Store at www.extension.iastate.edu/store/ or by calling 515-294-5247; or obtained by contacting the Iowa Soybean Association at 800-383-1423 or viewed online.

Erin Hodgson is an assistant professor of entomology with extension and research responsibilities; contact at ewh@iastate.edu or phone 515-294-2847.

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