2011 Iowa Crop Performance Tests for Corn and Soybean

December 2, 2011
ICM News

By Jim Rouse, Agronomy Department

Final results of the 2011 Iowa Crop Performance Tests for corn and soybeans are now available online at the Iowa State University Crop Testing website and as downloadable publications from the ISU Extension Online Store. All single-location and district data are available for online viewing and can also be downloaded as Excel files from the crop testing site.

A website redesign currently in progress has improved the corn and soybean participant pages. Users can now view all entrants, the hybrids and varieties entered, and the districts and tests in which the entries were placed. Users can also filter the entry information by district, GMO traits, and/or maturity.

The corn menu has a new item labeled "Interactive Data" which provides a different view of the district and single-location data. The page makes it easier for users to select and view data, to navigate from one test to another, and to filter the results for viewing specific subsets of data. These features will be added soon to the soybean menu.

The Iowa Crop Performance Tests are the top-ranked provider of unbiased performance data among all Midwestern, self-supporting public testing programs for both corn and soybeans. The testing program continues to provide growers information they need to make informed variety selection decisions. Immediate and streamlined access to harvest data is commonly cited as the most appreciated enhancement. Data reports also include two-year averages when applicable.

Publications containing the results — 2011 Iowa Crop Performance Test—Corn (PM 0660) and 2011 Iowa Crop Performance Test—Soybeans (AG 0018) — can be viewed and downloaded from the Iowa State University Extension Online Store.

Iowa Crop Improvement Association (ICIA) conducts the Iowa Crop Performance Tests in cooperation with the Agronomy Department of Iowa State University. The program offers unbiased, third party, on-farm information to Iowa growers. ICIA provides performance information on corn hybrids and soybean varieties.


Jim Rouse, is the agronomy department director responsible for corn and soybean variety testing. He can be reached at 515-294-5604 or croptesting@iastate.edu.


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