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New Combination Crop Insurance Workshops Scheduled

February 9, 2011

By William Edwards, Department of Economics

The old multiple peril crop insurance policies have been replaced by a single policy with several options. Iowa State University Extension will hold workshops to explain the new combination policy. William Edwards, ISU Extension economist, and ISU farm management field specialists, will discuss the new crop insurance policy and options.

Waterhemp Wins Again

February 8, 2011
Confirmed resistance in waterhemp

Several factors contributed to the first appearance of waterhemp resistance to the HPPD inhibitors reported in two fields in Iowa and Illinois in 2009.

Help Sessions Offered for Commercial Pesticide Applicator Test

February 7, 2011

By Jim Fawcett, ISU Extension field agronomist

All commercial pesticide applicators must take exams in order to become certified initially; some applicators choose to become re-certified by exam rather than by attending continuing instructional courses. With the increased interest in applying fungicides on corn and soybeans some applicators are interested in adding agricultural diseases (category 1C) to their current certification.

Are We Making Progress With No-till

January 26, 2011
Summary of no-tillage performance

Conservation tillage, and especially no-till, is a proven practice in protecting soil quality in corn and soybean cropping systems. The trend in adopting no-tillage is gaining some momentum over the past few years, but at a very slow pace.

Spread of Glyphosate Resistant Weeds

January 20, 2011
Waterhemp seedling which is glyphosate resistant in Iowa

Three glyphosate resistant (GR) weeds have been verified in Iowa. It's estimated that less than one percent of Iowa's corn and soybean fields are infested, but GR weeds can appear in fields where they currently are not problems.

New Soybean Disease Guide Now Available

January 20, 2011

A new publication from Iowa State University and the Iowa Soybean Association is designed to help farmers more effectively manage soybean diseases when they appear.

Conference Looks at Using Climate Information to Assess Expected Yields

January 20, 2011

How did weather conditions in 2010 impact global corn yield and corn markets?  What weather impacts on global production are anticipated this spring?  These questions will be addressed at the 9th Annual NOAA Climate Prediction Applications Science Workshop to be held at the Des Moines Downtown Marriott on March 1 - 4. 

Land Roller Use: Challenges and Benefits

January 3, 2011
Average soybean yield across multiple locations in Minnesota and Iowa for 2009 and 2010

The use of a land roller may provide some "comfort and peace of mind," and may reduce combine breakdown in some fields, it also carries risks and potential impacts to soil and water quality in the short as well as in the long-term.