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Harvest Update - It's that Time Again

September 13, 2011

Grain quality this year should be good, but not exceptional. Stresses will cause variability. Grain will be warm coming out of the field; both corn and beans will need to be cooled immediately after harvest. (NOTE: This article was updated with correct hybrid numbers on 09/15/2011, after publication.)

Managing Soil by the Inches

September 12, 2011

We have great soil resources in Iowa and must manage our soil and keep it in its unique and productive condition. We, too, need to manage it by the inch in order to have healthy, productive people and a safe environment.

Soil Management Decisions This Fall

September 12, 2011

One thing farmers need to consider before attempting any tillage this fall is whether they need to do any - considering the input cost and potential damage to soil quality and productivity.

Comparing Nematode Management Products on Corn in Strip Trials

September 12, 2011
Suggested planting and sampling schemes for assessing effects of management products on nematodes

Many growers and agribusiness personnel are conducting corn strip-trial comparisons of nematode seed treatments and soil-applied nematicides in growers' fields. University nematologists recently published guidelines and advice on how to collect nematode data from such strip trials.

Fall Cutting Management for Alfalfa

September 12, 2011

Steve Barnhart, Department of Agronomy

Rainfall throughout the growing season put many alfalfa producers behind several weeks for their first, and correspondingly their second, third, and sometimes forth cuttings. Now in mid-September, producers are trying to decide on their remaining fall harvest options and the possible impact on winter survival of the stands.

Harvest Tips for Lodged Corn

September 6, 2011

With larger than average areas of Iowa dealing with lodged or downed cornstalks due to recent storms, it's a good time to review steps to take when faced with harvesting significant areas of lodged corn.

Soil Management Clinic Offered Sept. 14

September 1, 2011
ISU Soil Management Clinic participants

Understanding and implementing successful soil management practices is the focus of the Iowa State University Soil Management Clinic on Sept. 14.

Corn Disease Diagnostics Clinic Sept. 8

August 31, 2011

Clinic participants will better understand the conditions in which corn diseases thrive, how to correctly identify diseases and appropriate treatment measures.