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Will Goss's Wilt be the "Disease of the Year" in 2011

August 5, 2011
Goss's Wilt in July

Reports of Goss's wilt have been coming in hard and fast this past week. The disease appears to be widespread north of I-80. Despite the hot, dry weather, the disease has progressed rapidly in the field.

Flood Damaged Crops, Crop Insurance Payments and Lease Contracts

August 5, 2011
Flooded crop field

By William Edwards, Department of Economics

Some Iowa corn and soybean producers are facing substantial if not complete crop losses due to flooding. In particular, many acres of crops in the Missouri River Valley have been under water for a month or more this year. Fortunately, nearly 90 percent of Iowa's corn and soybean acres are protected by multiple peril crop insurance.

Don't Stop Now!

July 31, 2011
Effect of application timing on the mean yield response of corn to a fungicide in Iowa

Keep scouting corn fields. The weather the last two weeks has been favorable to several diseases.

Long Silks?

July 29, 2011
Four-inch silks on ear prior to pollen shed

By Roger Elmore, Department of Agronomy

Very hot days and warm night temperatures the last couple of weeks concern agronomists and corn growers. Unfortunately, this period of hot weather occurred during tasseling and silking. However, the USDA-NASS July 25th Iowa Crops & Weather report indicates that 80 percent of the crop was still in good to excellent condition. Ninety percent of the crop had tasseled and 75 percent silked — both slightly behind last year but ahead of the five-year average. 

Drought Stress Favors Grasshoppers and Spider Mites

July 28, 2011
Spider mites on plants with characteristic webbing

Although some parts of Iowa have had adequate moisture, other areas could use some rain. Drought stress combined with high temperatures is good news for field crop pests like grasshoppers and spider mites. If your area is hot and dry, consider scouting fields now and throughout August.