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Crop Minute - Scouting Corn Fields

July 20, 2011

In the July 18, 2011  crop minute, Alison Robertson, ISU Extension plant pathologist, tells producers to begin scouting corn as tasseling and silking starts. She says to target scouting to fields with leaf diseases, low-laying fields and to fields planted with hybrids having a greater susceptibility to leaf diseases. She also gives advice on when to make fungicide applications.

Foliar Fungicides on Corn

July 18, 2011
Mean yield response of corn in Iowa and the US to a foliar fungicide application

With grain prices as they are, it may appear to be worth risk to spray, but fungicide decisions should be based on more than just the price of grain.

Crop Damage Meeting July 19 at Marshall County Extension Office

July 15, 2011

The Marshall County extension office is hosting a July 19 crop damage meeting. ISU Extension and Centrol of Iowa agronomists, ISU Extension plant pathologist, FSA representative and crop insurance specialists will present and answer questions.

Managing Glyphosate Failures

July 15, 2011

It will take a hoe or cultivator to manage escaped or herbicide-resistant watherhemp and horseweed at this time in the growing season.

Corn and "a Big Long Heat Wave on the Way"

July 15, 2011
Temperature outlook for July 23-29 , 2011

Both silking and tasseling have progressed rapidly this week with forecast of extremely high temperatures which creates a situation that may have a double impact on the crop.