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Wind and Corn

July 12, 2011
Corn Root Lodging in E. Iowa

Straight line — derecho — winds sometimes exceeding 100 miles per hour ravaged central, eastern and north-eastern Iowa corn fields early Monday morning, July 11. The storm followed its destructive path into Wisconsin and northern Illinois. Winds in Iowa leveled corn in the worst affected areas — to less than knee high. This follows glowing reports of how well the crop looked, before the wind came along. The lodging was not likely related to corn rootworm feeding.

Updated Soybean Aphid Field Guide Available

July 12, 2011

Iowa State University Extension and the Iowa Soybean Association have released a collaborative second edition of the Soybean Aphid Field Guide. The guide's authors are Erin Hodgson, ISU Extension entomologist, and Matt O'Neal, ISU research entomologist.

North American Manure Expo July 20 in Nebraska

July 11, 2011

The 2011 North American Manure Expo July 20 in Norfolk, Neb.will be a great opportunity for commercial manure applicators and livestock producers to see the latest in manure application equipment and technology and to attend a wide variety of educational session all in one place.

Corn or Soybeans Looking Stressed? Nematode Damage is Becoming Apparent

July 11, 2011
Early season stunting and yellowing of corn caused by needle nematode

Symptoms of nematode damage to corn and soybean include overall stunting of plants and yellowing of the foliage. In most cases, it takes many weeks for symptoms to become apparent. We are now in the part of the growing season when symptoms of nematode damage to corn and soybeans are becoming apparent.

Crop Minutes: Goss's Wilt and Soybean Cyst Nematode Scouting

June 28, 2011

Alison Robertson, ISU Extension plant pathologist, found symptoms of Goss's wilt in a west central Iowa field, a field with a history of the disease. During the June 27, 2011 Crop Minute, she tells how to identify the disease and actions to take to management Goss's wilt. While there is no rescue treatment for the disease, she recommends steps to take to identify Goss's wilt and  management actions to consider.