Cooperators Needed for Black Cutworm Monitoring

February 28, 2012
ICM News

By Adam Sisson, Integrated Pest Management

Cutworm monitoring time is nearing — and the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program at Iowa State University is now recruiting cooperators for 2012. The ISU Plant and Insect Diagnostic Clinic and IPM program are coordinating the annual black cutworm (BCW) monitoring network in Iowa. Farmers and agribusiness personnel are needed to monitor BCW traps for the arrival of cutworm moths this spring.

Black cutworm monitoring will begin April 1. Cooperators will be sent a cutworm trap to assemble and place; they then are asked to monitor the trap every other day. Cooperators record the number of moths and enter the data at at least once per week. Trap monitoring stops near the beginning of June. Trap data, along with degree days, is used to estimate when farmers should be scouting. Scouting will determine if treatment for BCW is necessary in a field.

Black Cutworm moth pheromone trap.

To become a cooperator, e-mail with your name, address and county where trap will be placed. Cooperators will receive a trap kit in the mail with supplies, instructions and pest identification information. The target sign-up deadline is mid-March to allow enough time for shipping. More information about BCW in Iowa can be found in a May 2011 ICM News article.

Black cutworm moth.

Adam Sisson is an Integrated Pest Management program assistant. Sisson can be contacted by email at or by calling 515-294-5899.

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