Important Crop Insurance Dates

February 23, 2012
ICM News

By William Edwards, Department of Economics

Even the best crop insurance plan is of little use if the right information is not collected and submitted on time. Likewise, if certain actions are not completed by the necessary date, producers may not receive full benefit from the risk protection that they have selected.

The table below shows important dates that need to be noted and observed. In some years the actual date may be the first business day after the listed date if the listed date falls on a weekend or holiday. Dates may vary for other crops and states. Farmers should make a list of the important dates that apply to their insured crops and mark their calendar. This will allow them to enjoy the full level of risk protection available to them.

Farmers should note two changes in deadline dates — acreage reporting date and billing date — highlighted in the chart below. For definitions and details related to the dates listed in the chart, see the publication Important Crop Insurance Dates, File A1-50.

Table. Important crop insurance dates for corn and soybeans in Iowa.

William Edwards is an Iowa State University professor of economics with extension responsibilities in farm business management. Edwards can be contacted at 515-294-6161 or by emailing

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