Weed Survey to Evaluate Potential Herbicide Resistance

August 23, 2012
ICM News

By Micheal D.K. Owen, Department of Agronomy

The Iowa State University Weed Science group, in conjunction with the Iowa Soybean Association, is continuing to survey weed populations in Iowa for herbicide resistance. The survey was initiated in 2011 and will continue this fall. Populations of common waterhemp, giant ragweed and marestail will be screened for susceptibility to five different herbicide classes in the greenhouse. To participate in this survey, collect a large sample of the seed heads (fill a paper grocery sack approximately half full, but the larger the seed sample the better), provide the GPS coordinates of the field(s) or the address, and as much information about the historic production practices as possible.  Remember that if common waterhemp is the weed of interest, there are male and female plants; be sure to collect only the female seed heads. Contact Mike Owen at 515-294-5936 or mdowen@iastate.edu if you have questions and to arrange for the samples to be picked up. 


Micheal D.K. Owen is a professor of agronomy and weed science extension specialist with responsibilities in weed management and herbicide use. He can be reach at 515-294-5936 or e-mail mdowen@iastate.edu.


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