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Tobacco Streak Virus on Soybean Confirmed in Iowa

September 27, 2013
Tobacco streak virus symptoms

By Daren Mueller and Erika Saalau, Department of Plant Pathology and Microbiology

Over the past several weeks, we have received several samples in the Plant and Insect Diagnostic Clinic with irregular blotches and necrotic lesions on the pods.

After eliminating all of the known causes, a sample was screened for several common bean viruses*. The sample came back strongly positive for tobacco streak virus (TSV).

Corn Belt Corn Crop Conditions and September Yield Forecasts – 2013

September 25, 2013
Percent of corn rated good and excellent across the Corn Belt during the 2013 growing season

By Roger Elmore, Department of Agronomy

Crop conditions across the U.S. Corn Belt varied dramatically in 2013.  Iowa was no exception and this year sits in a rare position in terms of yield potential: lower than several other Corn Belt states.


Iowa – 2013 growing conditions

Stalk Breakage and Rot Caused by Physoderma in Iowa

September 20, 2013
Physoderma stalk breakage

By Alison Robertson, Daren Mueller, Erika Salaau-Rojas and Gary Munkvold, Department of Plant Pathology and Microbiology

An unusual disease has been reported in several fields in southwest and western Iowa over the past couple of weeks. Several samples were received in the Plant Disease and Insect Clinic and pathologists from ISU Extension and Outreach visited a field in Adair County.

Symptoms and signs of the disease

2013 Iowa Crop Update

September 9, 2013
Elwynn Taylor on Market Journal Television

Elwynn Taylor, Iowa State University professor of ag meteorology, gave a production update on Market Journal Television, University of Nebraska – Lincoln, Sept. 6, speaking about Iowa’s corn and soybean crops. Taylor described the difficult growing season for the state’s farmers and how an early frost could impact production. View the eight-minute video here.