ISU Extension and Outreach to Host Six Events this Summer at the Field Extension Education Lab

May 1, 2014
ICM News

The 2014 growing season has been slow to arrive, but summer events at the Field Extension Education Lab (FEEL) are quickly approaching. The first scheduled event is the Field Scouting Basics Workshop on May 15.  In an effort to meet the individual agronomic needs and knowledge base of workshop attendees, participants will be able to tailor their event schedules this summer at FEEL.

The Early Season Management Clinic will be held June 11. Attendees will spend the morning covering corn and soybean growth and development as well as learn from Iowa State University's weed scientists. The afternoon will be flexible and allow participants to rotate between three or four available topics per hour. Registration will open officially in mid-May and will be available at the FEEL website,

The Cover Crop Workshop is slated for June 12. During this half-day event, cover crop herbicide injury, establishment, termination, and associated soil and water benefits will be discussed. Registration will open officially in mid-May.

The Mid-Season Management Clinic is a one-day event on July 9. During this clinic attendees will be able to listen to and interact with speakers in a learning-centered environment. Discussion topics include herbicide interactions; nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus management; compaction; the 2014 weather outlook; and corn and soybean pathogens. Registration will open officially in mid-May.

We will wrap up the summer with the Late Season Management Clinic on August 19. Designed to cover the most relevant topics related to the tail end of the growing season, the Late Season Management Clinic offers a diversity of disciplines and topics for those who attend. The Late Season Disease Workshop will be held the following day on August 20. This workshop offers an in-depth discussion on corn and soybean pathology. Registration will open officially in mid-May.

ISU Extension and Outreach Summer Events

  • May 15: Field Scouting Basics Workshop
  • June 11: Early Season Management Clinic
  • June 12: Cover Crop Workshop
  • July 9: Mid-Season Management Clinic
  • August 19: Late Season Management Clinic
  • August 20: Late Season Disease Workshop

See for more information about FEEL and to register for summer events in mid-May.


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