Pesticide Container Recycling

July 7, 2020
ICM News

The Ag Container Recycling Council (ACRC) sponsors a free program to recycle clean triple-rinsed or pressure-rinsed pesticide containers up to 55 gallons in size. Refer to the ACRC Container Preparation Checklist for more information on preparing containers. Under the ACRC program, G. Phillips and Sons, LLC, located in Stanwood, IA collects and recycles containers in Iowa. For more information, visit G. Phillips and Sons, LLC. To set up a pickup, call G. Phillips & Sons at 563-942-0391 or email them at

Several companies will recycle larger containers, such as mini-bulk and intermediate bulk containers (IBCs). They may have different requirements for collection and costs. Some of the companies serving Iowa include:

G. Phillips and Sons, LLC

Mauser Packaging Solutions

Schuetz Container Systems, Inc.
Ticket Service – Collection and Reconditioning of IBCs

Tri-Rinse, Inc.

For information on cleaning larger containers, refer to this document.

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